Zeroline Golf

Founded in 2011, Zeroline Golf is a mobile platform development company focused on empowering active lifestyles with the tools to connect, instruct and compete with the mission to change the way golf is taught.

Devin Fitzmaurice – Co-Founder

Devin Fitzmaurice
Zeroline Golf Co-Founder Devin Fitzmaurice is a Golf Professional and experienced golf innovator and entrepreneur. Devin’s mission is to design and develop tools that educate, entertain and produce fast and real results. He has successfully developed products and curriculum designed to grow the game of golf. He is firmly committed to changing the way golf is taught and learned, which was the inspiration to form of Zeroline Golf and develop of its first innovative golf instruction tool, Golf MTRx.
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Steve Blake – Co-Founder

Zeroline Co-Founder Steve Blake possesses 30 years of software development experience with companies ranging from start-ups to Fortune 100 corporations. A golfer since the age of 20, Steve’s goal is to develop mobile apps and instruction frameworks that are enablers of bio-mechanic information to golfers and coaches. Previously, this data provided with Zeroline’s Golf MTRx smart device app was only available with expensive sensor equipment beyond the reach of the average golfer.
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Tom Gibbings Jr. – Co-Founder

Zeroline Co-Founder Tom Gibbings is an experienced entrepreneur, successful software designer/engineer and product manager. Tom took up golf at age 17 with his first swing taken at a golf lesson with Zeroline Golf Co-Founder Devin Fitzmaurice at Tecolote Canyon Golf Course. He is leveraging his extensive background in software development and as a product manager, which is commonly described as a “mini-CEO,” at a successful healthcare software company to lead the team bringing Golf MTRx, Zeroline Golf’s first product, to market.
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