Measure and Correct Hip Over Rotation With Golf MTRx

You’ve probably seen the insurance company commercial where the dog finds his owner on the driving range. The dog barks urgently and the golfer asks, “What is it boy? Is my hip over rotation […]

Assessment Using Golf MTRx Feedback Loops, Part 2

In Part 1, Assessment Using Feedback Loops was introduced as a simple way to sift through a mountain of data to easily find the important metrics and simplify the meaning and resulting actions.

The […]

Assessment Using Golf MTRx Feedback Loops, Part 1

A feedback loop is an ideal way to organize, simplify, and process data so you can get your data, understand what it means for you, what your options are, and what to do next.

Using and Understanding Peak Time

Why Do I Need To Understand Peak Time and How Can I Use Golf MTRx™ To Improve My Peak Time?

Peak Time is the point of time during the downswing that your hips reach top speed […]

Golf MTRx – A Look Under the Hood

Golf MTRx makes use of standard iPhone hardware including the motion sensor gyroscope and accelerometer, the system clock and its timer capabilities, and the system audio microphone and speaker components.

The swing recognition algorithm uses […]

Thank You from Tom Gibbings, Jr.

After 18 months of development, I am pleased to announce the official launch of Zeroline Golf’s first product, Golf MTRx™. Golf MTRx is an exciting new mobile app that uses the integrated iPhone® and iPod touch® sensors to measure pelvis movement during a golf swing and then provide detailed analysis and recommendations for improvement.

What do the Kinematic Sequence & Swing Efficiency have to do with a lower handicap?

Are you as flexible and athletic as Dustin Johnson? Can your hips rotate and stabilize as fast as Rory Mcllroy or do you have as much power as Tiger Woods? All of us have watched videos of our favorite tour player, analyzed their every move, and spent countless hours trying to duplicate their perfect swing. But could you actually be delaying results in lowering your handicap by trying to mimic a swing that is impossible to reproduce based on your own body mechanics and athletic build? If you want to make improvements in your swing, you must understand that the golf swing is dynamic and unique to each individual. There are many different swing styles on the PGA Tour, but what is the common component of an efficient swing behind a successful 300 yard drive? Biomechanic Researchers discovered that efficient golfers generate and transfer power throughout their body in a specific order, called the Kinematic Sequence.